Contributors’ Corner

Welcome to the Contributors’ Corner, where I’d like to pay tribute to those who helped make this site possible! Also, if you scroll down, you’ll find out how you can become involved in this project!

A very special word of thanks to the following individuals who contributed their time, support and content to this site. I couldn’t have done it without you!

First and foremost, I would like to thank the delightful Rhonda Brown for her wonderful enthusiasm, research expertise, photo contributions and warm-hearted nature. This site could not have happened without you! You are truly the “leading lady” of this project!

Harold Aherne (Assorted articles and photos.)
ValentinoVamp (photos)
Mothgirlwings (photos)
Miss-Shirley-Temple (photos)
Pickurselfup (photos)


Jimmy dearly loved his fans, just as we love him to this day. Do you have a story to share, a photo you’d like us to see or a film review you’d like to write? If so, we would love for you to be a part of this project! All submissions will carry full credit to their writer, and you will most definitely be given credit for anything you wish to share with us. At the bottom of this (and every) page you will see a series of “wooden” buttons. Click on the email button to contact me with anything you’d like to share, or with any questions or comments. You’ll also notice many pages on this site have a comment box at the bottom, which you can use to have your say!

Thank you for visiting, and keep checking back – there’s LOTS more to come!

Jonathan Ruskin, Webmaster