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Creator, Editor and Webmaster: Jonathan Ruskin

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Life-Motion’d Media’s YouTube Channels

James Dunn: The Manhattan Thrush
The companion channel to this website, featuring clips from Jimmy’s film and television career, including a few rarities!

Alice Faye: Fair Miss Faye
Dedicated to the stunning songstress and actress who enchanted the world with her delighful, honey-dipped contralto!

The Real Anne Shirley
From child star, to popular ingenue, Anne Shirley was one of the most charming young actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Silence Into Sound
From silent classics to the early talkie area, this channel presents and interesting and eclectic collection of marvelous cinematic moments.

Hollywood on the Air!
The biggest stars weren’t only found in the movies, they also ruled the airwaves! Here we present a collection of radio adaptations of the biggest Hollywood hits!

Shirley Temple Grows Up
The world’s favorite child star’s performances as a young woman are so often neglected. Here we present a selection of classic moments from Shirley’s teenage career.

Tutti Fruitti Hat: Carmen Miranda
A channel dedicated to everyone’s favorite Brazilian Bombshell! Her musical stylings, outrageous fashions and comedic genius made her a legend!

Rare Musical Gems
A selection of rare music from many different genres. Songs that should have been hits, songs that should never be forgotten!

Blondell Bombshell: Joan Blondell
Sassy, brassy and enormously talented, Joan Blondell is celebrated at this new channel!

Other Sites of Interest

The Official Alice Faye Website
Beautiful website dedicated to the alluring actress and singer Alice Faye. The site includes biographical and film information, tributes, beautiful photo galleries and rare items for sale. A must-see! Among their shop’s many treasures is a beautiful 3-LP set of classic Alice Faye recordings!
Highly Recommended!

The Chester Morris Web
This stunning website is dedicated to the dashingly handsome and talented Chester Morris. Designed and maintained by ValentinoVamp (who kindly provided a few wonderful photos of Jimmy) the site is a treasure trove of information, photos and tantalizing tidbits about this wonderful performer!
Highly Recommended!

Silver Screen Oasis
This forum is a marvelous place to discuss classic movies with other like-minded fans. You’ll find discussions on a variety of different topics, from well-known classics and stars, to lesser-known but equally wonderful movies and people. Well organized and friendly, I hope to see you there soon!
Highly Recommended!

The Internet Archive
A truly astonishing project! Among the many offerings of The Internet Archive are a dazzling array of classic (and not-so-classic) films, television shows and radio broadcasts! An absolute treasure trove for lovers of Hollywood’s Golden Age! Don’t miss this one!