(March 15, 2014: We’re back! Things are full steam ahead here at Remembering Jimmy.com. Some EXTREMELY rare photos coming very soon! Watch this space or subscribe to the site to be notified. Thank you all for your support!)

Welcome to the web’s first and only website dedicated to Academy Award-winning actor James Dunn. Here you will the biographical information you might expect from such a site, but we wanted to go one step further. You will also find a treasure trove of rare, vintage magazine articles, film clips, radio performances, extensive photo galleries and much more! Enjoy!

You’ll notice that each and every page on this site has a “like” button, and many pages also have comment fields so you can share your thoughts. Jimmy loved his fans, so this site is for you! Please see the Contributors’ Corner to find out how you can take part!

This site began as a YouTube channel, The Manhattan Thrush. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been amazed at the response it has gotten, and how many messages I received from people wanting to know more about James Dunn’s life and career.

I’ve been an admirer of Jimmy’s from a very young age. I always thought it was unfortunate that there is so little information available about his life, so I started digging. Little did I know what a rich and interesting life he led! Along the way I’ve met some wonderful people and my admiration for James Dunn’s talent has grown as I became more aware of his story.

I would love to speak with anyone who knew Jimmy, as I would love to include their memories here on this site. I hope you will all find this to be a fitting tribute to a wonderful man who has enriched our lives so very much with his talent and charm.

This is for you Jimmy. You are remembered and you are loved.

Jonathan Ruskin, Webmaster