Movie Stills and Promos

In this gallery you’ll find movie stills and promotional images from James Dunn’s long career in film and television. Click a photo to see a larger version. Most scans were done by myself, but several were provided by a few marvelous tumblr users. They are credited in the captions.  If you would like to use our scans, please credit If you wish to use any images contributed by others, please contact them directly. Their information can be found in the Contributors’ Corner. Thank you and enjoy!

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One thought on “Movie Stills and Promos

  1. rhondalynn49

    What a great collection of photos! I like the one with Jimmy and Shirley sitting in a…crate? (What was that all about?) Don’t see the connection to “Bright Eyes”. Cute picture, though! Also the “Scandals” cast with everyone looking at the camera except you know who. I’ve come to the conclusion, he wasn’t just a character actor, but also a bit of a “character” .

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