Scene from “Killer McCoy” (1947)

Delightful and unique version of “Swanee River (Old Folks At Home)” by James Dunn and Mickey Rooney. This scene is from the breathtaking 1947 drama “Killer McCoy” which starred Rooney as a young prize-fighter, and Dunn as his n’er-do-well father.

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4 thoughts on “Scene from “Killer McCoy” (1947)

  1. Gordon

    Having just watched a Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I had to learn more about James Dunn and I found your website…..excellent! Thanks for caring about this man. Indoleman

  2. Leslie

    I know James Dunn from his films with Shirley Temple. Never knew he made one with The Mick! I will have to find this film!

  3. Gorgeous, talented man!

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